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NewcomersТ Guide: North Pole vs South Pole Expeditions

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18 ћа€, 04:55

Want to visit the poles? This North Pole vs South Pole comparison lays out the basics of expedition planning and more. The Geographic North and South Poles lie where the earthТs axis of rotation intersects with its surface. But the similarity ends there. The South Pole is in the heart of Antarctica, atop a giant ice sheet resting on land. It’s cold, high, but terra firma. The North Pole, meanwhile, sits in the middle of an imperfectly frozen ocean. As we will see, this makes it much harder to travel across. It is one reason why North Pole expeditions are much harder than South Pole expeditions. Geographic vs Magnetic North Pole       The Geographic Poles are not the same places as the Magnetic Poles. The Geographic Poles are the imaginary points around which the earth spins. The Magnetic...

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