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Breaking: Embassies Summon Their Climbers Home

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17 Мая, 16:20

Carlos Soria’s hopes for a Dhaulagiri summit are over, but not from bad weather. The Spanish embassy in New Delhi (the nearest embassy to Nepal) is hurrying all its nationals out of the country on charter flights. Spain’s Foreign Affairs Ministry has arranged an Iberia Airlines plane to fly to Nepal with aid materials. On its flight home, it will take as many Spaniards (and European citizens, if there is space) as possible. This past weekend, Soria and his team confirmed that everyone remaining in Base Camp had tested negative for COVID: Soria himself and his two climbing partners, five Sherpas, six kitchen staff, and Vibeke Andrea Sefland of Norway. She is the only remaining member of the Women who Dare team, also decimated by COVID. Soria adds that according to his embassy, the situation is Nepal remains serious and...

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