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Everest: COVID Parties and Summit Pushes

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16 Мая, 22:15

While the COVID-19 outbreak ravages both Everest Base Camp and the entire Khumbu Valley, some teams seem to be living in an alternate reality. Yesterday, several groups felt good enough to hold a party with live music, as if COVID didn’t exist. Pop singer Mike Posner, currently climbing with Jon Kedrowski, sang in a pre-summit push gathering, which included multiple teams. Nirmal Purja and his partners Mingma David and Gelje Sherpa hurried to share the event on social media. Mingma G, back from Camp 4 after failing to reach the summit with his Imagine Nepal team, also attended. Chhang Dawa Sherpa of Seven Summit Treks didn’t want to miss it, either. Blind to the optics, many of them shared videos of the jam session on Instagram. As just one example, here is Purja’s:   For Purja, who projects messages of...

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